Our Mission

Dream Big is committed to cultivating a community of socially-engaged collaborative pianists by inspiring the highest teaching, research and performance standards, and by fostering the ongoing development of collaborative skills with the goal of generating empowered, meaningful, and global contributions to society.

Dream Big provides support and inspiration to collaborative pianists through its biennial conferences, mentoring opportunities, and innovative, cross-country events and concerts.

Dream Big brings together collaborative pianists from many different walks of life; students, free-lance performers, private music teachers, and university professors, to explore the vast repertoire and possibilities of this field.

Collaboration and relationship building is at the heart of our art form. The Dream Big network strives to foster a community of support through large-scale conferences, concerts, workshops, and mentors.

As creatives, our limitless imagination and desire allow us to boldly look at big issues and dream big about the future of collaboration.

Dream Big began in February 2020, as participants at this first-of-a-kind Canadian conference about Collaborative Piano gathered at the University of Manitoba, hosted by Judy Kehler-Siebert and Laura Loewen. We came together to celebrate our art form, to make new connections and rekindle old friendships, to be inspired, and to create a lasting community.

“…It’s important for us to meet to talk about art and its place in society from our point of view. We believe that we will discover commonalities through our discussions, but we hope we also discover differences that will challenge and expand our ideas of what we can become.”

– Dr. Laura Loewen & Dr. Judy Kehler Siebert, from an interview with Dr. Chris Foley (The Collaborative Piano Blog)

Read the entire interview here

We were inspired at the masterclasses by Jean Barr and Margo Garrett, a stunning talk by Rena Sharon, and moving performances each evening hosted by the incomparable poet Charlene Diehl, as we examined music that grew out of trauma and the healing power of music in recovery and truth-telling.

The pandemic shut down our ability to meet for the next two years, but we gathered together on Zoom to support each other. In an effort to give voice to our experiences, we offered a story-telling workshop with Jeremy Schaeffer, who empowered us to create stories out of our experience throughout the time of COVID. We created mentoring opportunities for the entire Dream Big network.

It is time to start meeting again! Check in with this website for updates on all Dream Big events, both large and small.